How was the month of March?

Like any start of a new month is here to take stock of the previous month in March and I would say that from the point of view of work has been quite profitable!

March started with the awareness that the excavation where I had been working for five months would be finished, but unexpectedly another company that needed a new collaborator took over, so I stayed there for another two weeks!

I was very happy with this collaboration, as I had been trying to work with this company for years, but despite having sent my resume several times they never called me back! So I was pretty thrilled to have added this contact to my partnership list!

My collaboration with them could have continued but in the meantime I received a call from another company with which I had wanted to collaborate for some time! Well yes another new contact! Being a bit tired of the distance (an hour and a half by car just to go) and having reached the end of my contract anyway, I decided to accept the new job.

Although the new excavation is far away, it can be reached by train and therefore less tiring from this point of view, even if my alarm clock remained set at 5.30 a.m.

Furthermore, being a new excavation, I took over at the very beginning of the excavation extension, and it is always exciting to see an excavation from the beginning and we hope to be able to see it until the end!

Why do I have this doubt ?!

Well for my “beloved” postgraduate diploma hanging over my head.

Although I must say that there has been good news in this regard, that is, an extraordinary session has been approved for July due to Covid! But anyway the fact is that they are late on the roadmap of the thesis and various internships!

For once I would like some rain to give me some time to devote to theses and internships, but once upon a time things fit together in the right way! Somehow I will do!

Finally, a great satisfaction in March was my first live on @ twitch.italy with the guys from @letsdigagain, in which we talked about my blog dedicated to my professional life as a freelance archaeologist!

It was very satisfying and exciting also because I don’t feel comfortable speaking in stories yet, so this experience was a great opportunity!

I hope your March was as productive as mine! I await your comments below with your news!

How has the first month of this year gone?

I would say it was a pretty full and satisfying month.

At the beginning of the year I did a list of my good intentions that I shared with you.

My goals for this year are mainly direct:

  • to a better management of my money;
  • to my work and at being proactive in the research of this one;
  • on the organization of my time finalized at being as productive as possible;
  • in the end to be constant in the creation of contents for my Blog and my IG.

Then moving from this intentions I started changing my customs, first I’m searching to make a budgeting to understand my entrances and my outgoes for a better management of my money, I read a book that illustrates this topic, “RIsparmiare è facile (se sai come fare)” by Debora Rosciani e Mauro Meazza, suggested by Federica Mutti in her newsletter!

I decided to undertake this journey more consciously, because, since I have the P. IVA, it’s difficult for me to manage my money in the right way. This for several reasons that I would like to explain to you later. 

Regarding my job I’m quite satisfied for this month, not on the economic situation, due to the fact I’ve worked for only two weeks, but mainly for the productive point of view.

On January 15th the construction site on the Reggiano Apennines was completed, which had started in early October. 

After I worked two days in assistance and then there weren’t any important tasks, but I didn’t leave.

Rather than staying home like I did for most of the 2020 waiting for calls, I used my time in progressing in my apprenticeship for my specialization school.

The first apprenticeship is preparatory to my thesis and it deals with the study of some medieval burials, on the archaeological point of view,situated in a point in the Appennino Reggiano.

For this reason I did very few hours between September and October, due to the Covid too, and I didn’t do a lot of things then, just washing some burials and restoring bones. 

This time, helped by a friend of mine (paid in CFUs), we were able to wash all the burials which will be the protagonists of my thesis. The goal, indeed, before founding a new job, was exactly to wash every burial, but we’ve been able to overcome it with doing some restoration! 

I can be pretty satisfied about this! 

With this apprenticeship, my colleagues and I started the Mibact course too. We did some hours of lessons and hours to insert data too. 

For this course I decided to study the project developed on the “Protection and valorization of the cultural heritage”, which has as goal the acquisition of the regulatory and operative procedures of the Superintendence regarding the protection of the cultural heritage, with reference to the territorial planification and the elaboration created on the cards with an archaeological potential.    

I chose this project exactly because, whit the title that the School will offer to me, I will be able to deal with the preventive archaeology, but till now nobody in our group has acquired the competences directed to this subject through the School itself, then I thought that I better have to learn them from the apprenticeship, so that it could become formative for real.

And I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied with my choice! 

Without counting that I will be obligated to use GIS and then finally using that I will be able to understand how this software (fondamental in the archaeological world) works.

In the end every wednesday for this month, I followed, like in December, a course about the digital world called “Digital competences for professional productivity” offered by Ecipar Bologna.

Given my passion for the digital I decided that I want to use all the instruments in this world in a conscious way participating in formation courses and events. 

During this month we’ve studied how to use Social Networks in a professional way, making a focus on Linkedin, Facebook and starting to look at how we can create a plan and an editorial calendar. 

Next wednesday this class is over and I have to say that I’m pretty happy to have participated and to have known people who don’t deal with my world.

Next month I already know that I will work again in Appennino, that was over on January 15th, because there will be a second excavation campaign, then I guess that February will start in a very positive way or anyway with some work to do surely!

I hope you enjoyed this article! For any curiosity or info write to me, I’m always here for you! 

Is it already March?

Well, yes, it is. 

This month I went back to work on the contruction site I had left in mid- Jauary, because there was the possibility to better study some areas, then fortunately I didn’t stay in inactivity, even because my time was filled  by my internships.

Meanwhile, in February, I have concluded a course, promoted by Ecipar Bologna, that deals with the digital world, thanks to which I was able to approach various issues, expanding my knowledge, still very basilar, about this world, so charming e always in evolution.

During this very short February, my region, Emilia-Romagna, has been yellow for only two weeks, so I could go out with my colleagues for lunch (yes, archaeologists love to be in a pack!).

I didn’t have other opportunities to go out. During the week I have been for eight hours on the construction and I didn’t sleep in my house, but in the company’s one with my colleagues, so between the mountains in Reggio Emilia we didn’t have nothing to do, specially because the bar had to close at 18 o’clock, then I could only do my internship. 

For this internship we have skypecalls where I and my colleagues talk about the problems that we met during the weeks of work with our reference officials. 

Now the construction where I’m working is about to close, tuesday will be the last day, and I was already organized to proceed with some internships and with the thesis, but… now we are in a dark orange area, and so I have to understand what to do in University, I just hope to don’t waste time neither with my job nor with my curricular activities. 

E per voi come è stato il mese di febbraio? È stato un mese produttivo o avete avuto qualche difficoltà?

  At this point, after one year of pandemic, the situation is hitting me, I was positive but after all these changes my phase of discouragement begins.

This month, from an emotional point of view, wasn’t totally positive like January was, when I felt more charged and positive, February was full of good moments and bad ones, despite having been a busy and tiring month from the point of working view, where I digged a lot, obviously after documenting all the existing layers. 

And you? What do you think about this February? Was it a productive month or did you have any difficulties? 

A saturday in Florence

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while that I don’t write here, despite being at home several months, like all of us!

During the months of lockdown, however, I caught up with several commitments that I had neglected. In fact, I managed to finish all the exams of the first year of the Specialization School and finally I have done a documentation that I have been carrying around like a ballast for a long time.

Currently I am much freer and sometimes I get bored, also because I don’t know what to do!

I started working again, but I also manage to get some free time and I finally started going out again on weekends!

After all we’ve been through I only have the desire to travel and visit our Italian cities to help, albeit in my small way, the tourism of our nation.

Over the past weekends I managed to see two of my dearest friends and together we took the opportunity to tour not only the cities chosen for our meetings, but also some museums.

The first Saturday that I allowed myself an out-of-town trip, the destination was Florence.

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My birthday week in Crete

On September 22th 2018 Tommaso and I flew to Crete, with the Aegean Airlines company, for the week of my birthday accompanied by our precious Lonely Planet guide.

We have chosen a seaside town where we can stay, called Analipsi, east of Heraklion, and we have booked through Booking at Galazio apartments & suites. These consists of a series of very pretty small apartments arranged in front of equipped beach awarded with the “Blue Flag”.
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My last eight months on pipeline in Lodi

Well yes,

After eight months on the pipeline in Lodi I have finished, because I was finally able to find a site closer to Ravenna that allows me to return home every day … this thing, that for other people it may seem trivial, for me it is something awesome!

I can finally sleep in my bed, with my cat, stay in the bathroom as long as I want and eat when I feel like it.

Don’t get me wrong this experience has led me to meet mediocre people but also beautiful people with whom I will certainly maintain a genuine relationship, but having my own space is also a beautiful thing.

I started working on this pipeline in April, after five months off, I was initially very enthusiastic, even though it was nearly 300 kilometres from my current home.

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My trip in Netherlands, last day

We spent the last day in Netherlands visiting Utrecht, to which we haven’t given the right importance.

Utrecht was founded by the Romans in 47 AD to protect an important position for the crossing of the river Rhine.

This city was the first in the Netherlands to embrace the Catholic faith, and in the Middle Ages it became an important religious center, extending its control over most of the Netherlands until 1527.

The city center preserves many medieval churches and monasteries, which are now next to modern architectural complexes.

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My trip in Netherlands, second day

The next day of our trip, we decided to go back to Amsterdam. First we went to the tourist information point, which is located opposite the central station, to get information on how to reach the characteristic areas with windmills. A very kind gentleman suggests us as a destination Zaanse Schans, a tourist town that is located in the north of Amsterdam. So, following his instructions we took a train that in 20 minutes brought us to this lovely town, where you can breathe the true essence of the Dutch soul.

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