How was the month of March?

Like any start of a new month is here to take stock of the previous month in March and I would say that from the point of view of work has been quite profitable!

March started with the awareness that the excavation where I had been working for five months would be finished, but unexpectedly another company that needed a new collaborator took over, so I stayed there for another two weeks!

I was very happy with this collaboration, as I had been trying to work with this company for years, but despite having sent my resume several times they never called me back! So I was pretty thrilled to have added this contact to my partnership list!

My collaboration with them could have continued but in the meantime I received a call from another company with which I had wanted to collaborate for some time! Well yes another new contact! Being a bit tired of the distance (an hour and a half by car just to go) and having reached the end of my contract anyway, I decided to accept the new job.

Although the new excavation is far away, it can be reached by train and therefore less tiring from this point of view, even if my alarm clock remained set at 5.30 a.m.

Furthermore, being a new excavation, I took over at the very beginning of the excavation extension, and it is always exciting to see an excavation from the beginning and we hope to be able to see it until the end!

Why do I have this doubt ?!

Well for my “beloved” postgraduate diploma hanging over my head.

Although I must say that there has been good news in this regard, that is, an extraordinary session has been approved for July due to Covid! But anyway the fact is that they are late on the roadmap of the thesis and various internships!

For once I would like some rain to give me some time to devote to theses and internships, but once upon a time things fit together in the right way! Somehow I will do!

Finally, a great satisfaction in March was my first live on @ twitch.italy with the guys from @letsdigagain, in which we talked about my blog dedicated to my professional life as a freelance archaeologist!

It was very satisfying and exciting also because I don’t feel comfortable speaking in stories yet, so this experience was a great opportunity!

I hope your March was as productive as mine! I await your comments below with your news!

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