Minerva Cultural Association

I am the President of Minerva Cultural Association that was born from the passion for culture in all its facets, of a group of students and alumni of the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna.

The Mission of the Association is to realize in the preservation and promotion of world cultural heritage, through the implementation of projects involving the retraining of archaeological sites and cultural and environmental heritage, too often forgotten or unknown.

Our cultural heritage is one of the biggest strategic resources of all countries: we want to bet on this treasure providing all the skills acquired through our studies.

Minerva Association aims on a completely new approach for the promotion and valorisation of cultural heritage, in fact, we are convinced that, in the field of cultural heritage, must be a real digital revolution, which not only being restricted solely to the acquisition of the data but also to make their organization and spread. It needs a social and professional change leading to a real “liberalization” of knowledge. The tools adopted for the publication of the studies are often inadequate, the printed word is no longer sufficient to publish the numerous digital content that characterize the archaeological and cultural research. It requires an evolution in the communication of archaeological data, and internet could be an effective tool for information sharing. This solution allows a global and instantaneous access to data. Even archaeology, like any other discipline, must adapt to technological developments and to find new ways of communication. If not, it will return to being the closed and elitist discipline that has been for centuries.

For more info about it visite the site http://www.minervassociazione.it/.