My trip in Netherlands, last day

We spent the last day in Netherlands visiting Utrecht, to which we haven’t given the right importance.

Utrecht was founded by the Romans in 47 AD to protect an important position for the crossing of the river Rhine.

This city was the first in the Netherlands to embrace the Catholic faith, and in the Middle Ages it became an important religious center, extending its control over most of the Netherlands until 1527.

The city center preserves many medieval churches and monasteries, which are now next to modern architectural complexes.

The Oudegracht, the old canal, passes through the city 5 meters below street level. Beautiful is the Domtoren, which is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, and represents, with its 112 m, one of the tallest towers in the Netherlands. This tower dominates Utrecht, and from its top you have the best view of the city.

Near the tower stands the Cathedral, Domkerk, whose construction began in 1254, it is here that the Union of Utrecht was signed in 1579 by John the Count of Nassau, brother of William of Orange.

After this brief visit to the city, after lunch we had to head towards the Eindhoven airport, leaving for now this beautiful country, so characteristic and full of traditions.

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