O(perative)S(ystem)-Culture.org a CMS for archaeology

The thesis on the O(perative)S(ystem)-Culture.org project was finally discussed on March 21th 2018 by Tommaso Saccone, my partner in crime, in work and life. 

Fifty years have passed since the first computers and IT tools were adopted in the archaeological field for study and research activities.

In fact, in the 60s of the last century, the Professor Maurizio Tosi with the archaeological mission (ISMEO – ISIAO) in Shahr-i Sokhta (Iran) began to use the first computers for the elaboration of databases for the organization of the archaeological record using the historical formats .db3.

Since then, technology has made great strides, in fact from table .db3 we have moved to complex and articulated Geo Databases that can contain terabytes of heterogeneous data, all geo referenced and in constant relation between them.

Soon, tools such as 3D modelling, the development of GIS and BIM, for the study of the territory, will also give great impetus to the methodology of archaeological documentation thus aligning with the European directives that manage spatial planning and public works.

There are two questions that have been the starting point of this project:

  • How to acquire, process and communicate this vast and heterogeneous core of data?
  • How to archive this data to make it immediately reusable?

They have tried to answer these questions by developing a tool for archiving and communicating the archaeological and cultural data “O (prerative) S (ystem) -Culture.org”, a CMS useful to communicate the complexity of archaeological data thanks to digital technologies.

The idea for this project was born in 2012, in collaboration with the Professor Maurizio Tosi, who would soon retire, and who wanted to find a way to make the data acquired during his career accessible.

To date OS-Culture.org has been used to organize: part of Professor Tosi’s personal archives and for the management and communication of archaeological data and information from the Italian Archaeological Mission in Armenia and the Caucasus (MAA-ISMEO) and from the Institute of Archeology of Yerevan – Armenia (IAE NAS RA).

Following the Bachelor thesis of Tommaso Saccone “GIS software in comparison: the case of the Pieve di Santa Reparata, Terra del Sole (FC)”, it was decided to continue working with open source software to keep production costs low and at the same time have the possibility to modify the source code, so, if necessary, to adapt the software to the needs of the OS-Culture.org project.

The final goal of OS-Culture.org is to offer an instrument, from simple and immediate use, that allows the complete management of the archaeological documentation process, always maintaining the authorship of the data.

If you want read more use this link http://os-culture.org/file-download/OperativeSystem-Culture_Project_eng.pdf.

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