Is it already March?

Well, yes, it is. 

This month I went back to work on the contruction site I had left in mid- Jauary, because there was the possibility to better study some areas, then fortunately I didn’t stay in inactivity, even because my time was filled  by my internships.

Meanwhile, in February, I have concluded a course, promoted by Ecipar Bologna, that deals with the digital world, thanks to which I was able to approach various issues, expanding my knowledge, still very basilar, about this world, so charming e always in evolution.

During this very short February, my region, Emilia-Romagna, has been yellow for only two weeks, so I could go out with my colleagues for lunch (yes, archaeologists love to be in a pack!).

I didn’t have other opportunities to go out. During the week I have been for eight hours on the construction and I didn’t sleep in my house, but in the company’s one with my colleagues, so between the mountains in Reggio Emilia we didn’t have nothing to do, specially because the bar had to close at 18 o’clock, then I could only do my internship. 

For this internship we have skypecalls where I and my colleagues talk about the problems that we met during the weeks of work with our reference officials. 

Now the construction where I’m working is about to close, tuesday will be the last day, and I was already organized to proceed with some internships and with the thesis, but… now we are in a dark orange area, and so I have to understand what to do in University, I just hope to don’t waste time neither with my job nor with my curricular activities. 

E per voi come è stato il mese di febbraio? È stato un mese produttivo o avete avuto qualche difficoltà?

  At this point, after one year of pandemic, the situation is hitting me, I was positive but after all these changes my phase of discouragement begins.

This month, from an emotional point of view, wasn’t totally positive like January was, when I felt more charged and positive, February was full of good moments and bad ones, despite having been a busy and tiring month from the point of working view, where I digged a lot, obviously after documenting all the existing layers. 

And you? What do you think about this February? Was it a productive month or did you have any difficulties? 

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