My last eight months on pipeline in Lodi

Well yes,

After eight months on the pipeline in Lodi I have finished, because I was finally able to find a site closer to Ravenna that allows me to return home every day … this thing, that for other people it may seem trivial, for me it is something awesome!

I can finally sleep in my bed, with my cat, stay in the bathroom as long as I want and eat when I feel like it.

Don’t get me wrong this experience has led me to meet mediocre people but also beautiful people with whom I will certainly maintain a genuine relationship, but having my own space is also a beautiful thing.

I started working on this pipeline in April, after five months off, I was initially very enthusiastic, even though it was nearly 300 kilometres from my current home.

My enthusiasm died off immediately, this yard wasn’t at all as quiet as my first pipeline in 2017, the timing was different, the company was different, people were different. I began to find a balance only after four months, at the beginning of September, when some of my colleagues came to work, some of which I already knew. Also because only after four months we were able to also have a balance at work with the presence of permanent houses as well as permanent teams for each picket to be cleared. Yes, the houses were never regular until the end of September, so every Thursday we packed our bags and on Friday we came back home … I can’t believe it that for a while I will not have to do all this, I’ll probably feel a bit empty …

The thing that disappointed me most and then pushed me to look for something else was the presumption on the part of my colleagues, who had a role equal to mine, who had a constant need to self-praise. The common thread of this yard has always been, in fact, questioning the professionalism of others, especially of the younger ones. All this has been very debasing, but then I must also thank this situation that has tempered me and spurred me to look for something else.

Surely the time of the greetings was not easy, eight months together, especially for the bond created with some people. My roommates, for example, we had become a small and cheerful family, some attitudes were annoying, like those of a brother or sister, but at the same time those defects made me smile.

Or like my friend Margherita, who at the time of hugs has also torn a tear, I will miss her so much, I do not know how I’ll do without our talk and without our laughter born from completely invented scenarios.

Without some of them I would have never made it to last eight months in this context, it is nice that despite the difficulties and the annoyances something good was born.

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