My trip in Netherlands, third day

We spent the penultimate day of our holiday in the museum quarter, as we had booked a visit to the Van Gogh museum in the afternoon.

In the morning we took the opportunity to visit the neighbourhood, and then we headed to the Vondelpark for a picnic.

The Vondelpark is an English park of about 48 hectares open to the public in June 1865. Inside, ducks, birds, squirrels and hedgehogs enliven the park along with over 10 million visitors a year.

After relaxing in the green and in the nature, despite being in the center of the fantastic Amsterdam, we headed towards the Van Gogh Museum. Before we get there, however, we made a detour to Bagels and Beans, a fantastic place where you can eat bagels of all tastes. As far as I’m concerned I have chosen a cinnamon bagels filled with butter and peanut butter, very fat but delicious. The only flaw … the espresso, but for us Italians, I will not tell you anything new.

In the afternoon we visited the Van Gogh Museum, divided into three floors that start from the most youthful works to the more recent ones. In some points it was not clear the route and then we went over several times in some rooms, apart from this the paintings are amazing.

Once out, we continued to visit the museum area and its canals, although, I have to say that the quarter museum is much more residential than the centre, while remaining characteristic.

Before returning to Utrecht, however, we stopped in a brewery, Biercafe Gollem, to finish in the best way the day. A beautiful orange cat welcomed me, sleeping on the counter, so the day couldn’t have ended in a better way.

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